Produktinformation "Lounge sæt haveovertræk 400 x 300 H: 70 cm"

Produktinformation "Lounge sæt haveovertræk 400 x 300 H: 70 cm"

This lounge set cover from AeroCover is for a large rectangular lounge set. The dimensions are 400 x 300 cm and the cover in 70 cm high. The cover is made of anthracite-coloured RipStop Polyester. This material breathes, is UV-resistant and water-repellent and very lightweight.  As a result, the cover will not take up much space when not in use; a storage bag is also supplied for this purpose.

A grid is woven into the polyester outer layer of this cover. This lattice ensures that the cover will not easily tear when an unforeseen tear or hole occurs. The cover is breathable and prevents condensation and mildew. This does not 100% guarantee that condensation and mildew have no chance. Some temperature differences and differences in the weather will inevitably lead to condensation. Therefore, make sure you create sufficient ventilation so that the cover can breathe. Never lay the cover flat on your furniture. Always make sure there is some distance between the cover and the surface of your furniture by placing a ball or a bucket under it, for example. Make sure your garden furniture is dry before covering it to prevent mould. Remove the cover from your furniture regularly to allow it to air out. Never leave cushions under the cover for a longer period of time (weeks).

This cover comes with a free RWSP, with this pole you can easily direct rainwater away from your cover. Create a highest point so that water can slide off the cover and prevent puddles from forming.


The cover can be easily attached using the drawstring at the bottom of the cover. This cord can be secured with the stopper. For extra security, you can always purchase the matching AeroCover sand bags. These make the cover heavier. This is particularly useful in stormy weather, or where your furniture and cover catch a lot of wind.

Produkt Specifikationer "Lounge sæt haveovertræk 400 x 300 H: 70 cm"

Produkt Specifikationer "Lounge sæt haveovertræk 400 x 300 H: 70 cm"

Article number:


EAN code:





Protection cover for lounge set XL.  




400 x 300 H: 70 cm

Slack needed:



RipStop Polyester


2 years


Score 5 out of 5

Our rating 1-10:



Technical properties



Air vents:


Solution Dyed:



130 gr / m2 polyester





Free RWSC:


Click-close strap(s):




Double stitched seams:


Tape finished seams:




Storage bag:


"Lounge sæt haveovertræk 400 x 300 H: 70 cm" egnet til

"Lounge sæt haveovertræk 400 x 300 H: 70 cm" egnet til

Protection cover 7936 is made for a large lounge set with the maximum dimension of 400 x 300 cm.
This cover is actually too large for trouble-free use.
If you have a corner lounge set, we recommend buying an L-shaped cover.
The advantage of this is that less water stays on it.
This prevents condensation and seepage.
If you have a separate lounge sofa with separate chairs and lounge table, we recommend packing them separately.

If you do opt for 1 large cover, it is advisable to put the backs of the lounge sofa and lounge chairs together in winter.
This allows the water to drain away more easily and prevents large puddles on your lounge-set cover.

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Lounge sæt haveovertræk 400 x 300 H: 70 cm

Lounge sæt haveovertræk 400 x 300 H: 70 cm

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