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Vask / rengøring af havemøbler betræk

We always recommend a brush and soap, at least if you use the right cleaning products. So far we haven't found a better way to clean your cover. 

Washing your cover in the washing machine is not good because it attacks the coating on the inside. A slightly easier way to clean your covers is to spray them with ...... remover over the cover with a plant sprayer. But this has to be done in dry weather. After a few rainy days, the green should be dissapearing. 

What our customers say about this method:

'I have now cleaned the cover with soap and a sponge and that went quite well. There were some stains on the cover, including bird droppings. But all of the stains are gone after cleaning it. The soap is safe to recommend.' 

We can also recommend an impregnation spray, this also helps cleaning the stains and your cover. 

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