Produktinformation "Overtræk til rektangulær havebord 220 x 100 H: 75 cm"

Produktinformation "Overtræk til rektangulær havebord 220 x 100 H: 75 cm"

Cover both your table-top and table legs with the RT220. Prevent dirt or green algae and moss from getting on your garden table and automatically extend the life of your table with it. Also in the winter months is the protective cover of Raffles Covers a solution for covering your garden table. This garden table cover is made of Premium Solution Dyed Oxford Polyester that is finished on the inside with a water-repellent PU coating. The seams of the cover are double-stitched, so extra sturdy, and taped with waterproof PVC tape. The cover is easily secured with the elastic drawstring that is in the hem at the bottom and with the tension straps that can go around the legs of your garden table.
This cover from Raffles Covers is equipped with air vents, promoting air circulation on the inside of the cover and reducing condensation. Includes a spacious storage bag and a free RWSC. This is an inflatable pillow of 160 cm that you can place under the cover. This creates a height difference and the rainwater will run neatly off the cover.
Note: cover has rounded corners. Therefore, always keep a few centimetres play in the width or length. 

Raffles protective covers are characterized by features that other covers do not have:

  • Strong and durable material
  • 230 gsm fabric, noiseless, does not flap in windy conditions
  • 600D Oxford Polyester
  • Equipped with air vents, stimulates air circulation
  • Breathable Raffles Covers material
  • PU coating on the inside
  • Reduces condensation
  • Improves air circulation
  • Reduces mould and mildew
  • Minimizes rust and corrosion
  • Free water shedding cushion, RWSC16060, no puddles on your cover
  • Water-repellent
  • Raffles Cover material is 100% waterproof
  • Double stitched seams
  • Seams are sealed with PVC tape
  • Seams are splash proof
  • Handles for easy handling
  • Spacious bag to store cover
  • Drawstring with stopper for better fit
  • Equipped with Click-Close-strap for extra security during storms
  • Solution Dyed material, no discolouration
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Resistant to frost, hardy
  • Protects your garden table and extends its life span
  • Keeps your table clean and dry

Produkt Specifikationer "Overtræk til rektangulær havebord 220 x 100 H: 75 cm"

Produkt Specifikationer "Overtræk til rektangulær havebord 220 x 100 H: 75 cm"

Article number:





Raffles Covers




 Rectangular garden table cover




 220 x 100 H: 75 cm

Slack needed:

Yes, 5 centimetres in width or 5 centimetres in length




600D Solution Dyed Oxford polyester with PU coating


1 year


Score 5 out of 5

Our rating:



Technical properties





Solution Dyed:



230 gr / m2 polyester





Free RWSC:


Click-close strap(s):




Double stitched seams:


Tape finished seams:




Storage bag:


"Overtræk til rektangulær havebord 220 x 100 H: 75 cm" egnet til

"Overtræk til rektangulær havebord 220 x 100 H: 75 cm" egnet til

Please note, cover falls small as the cover has rounded corners.
Allow about 5 cm play lengthwise or widthwise.
The RT220 cover fits over a 220 x 95 cm or 215 x 100 cm table.

This garden table protection cover is suitable for the models below:

  • Max & Luuk Morris table 220x90x75cm. alu M2016
  • Houe Sketch bamboo garden table 220cm
  • Cane-Line Aspect garden table with ceramic tabletop 210 x 100 cm
  • Outdoor table 220 x 95 cm
  • Outdoor table 215 x 100 cm

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