Produktinformation "Overtræk til havebænk 170 x 100 H: 60"

Produktinformation "Overtræk til havebænk 170 x 100 H: 60"

With this protective cover from Garden Impressions, an outdoor table or a lounge bench can be protected from various (weather) conditions such as rain, dirt, and sunlight. This will extend the life of your garden furniture. This protective cover from Garden Impressions is anthracite and made of 300D Ripstop Polyester with breathable PU coating. The material is strong and light, water- and weather-resistant, dirt- and mildew-resistant. The fabric weighs 130 grams per m² of polyester. The dimensions of the cover are 170 × 100, high 60 cm. The use of additional air vents ensures good ventilation. The cover has taped seams that ensure the seams are splash-proof. To improve the fit, the corners have been made elastic.

However, the formation of condensation on the covers is possible. To prevent choking damage to your garden furniture, we recommend using a Water Shedding Pole, which creates space and air circulation between the lounge sofa or garden table and the cover. This also ensures that no water stays on your cover. Using a protective cover is a temporary solution. We recommend always storing the cushions in a dry place if you are not using your garden furniture for a longer period of time. We also advise you never to cover your garden furniture, parasol, BBQ or cushions wet, as this can cause mould growth. 

The garden protection cover is not completely waterproof. Therefore, we recommend creating space between the garden furniture and the protective cover. This ensures better air circulation. For this purpose, a Water Shedding Pole is supplied free with the protective cover. This is a pole that prevents puddles from forming on the cover in case of rain and ensures that the water runs off. For this, you need to create a high point by assembling the Water Shedding Pole and placing it under the cover so that the water can slide off the cover.

Produkt Specifikationer "Overtræk til havebænk 170 x 100 H: 60"

Produkt Specifikationer "Overtræk til havebænk 170 x 100 H: 60"

Article number:


EAN code:



Garden Impression


Lounge bench or garden table cover




 170 × 100 H: 60 cm

Slack needed:



RipStop Polyester


2 years


Score 5 out of 5

Our rating 1-10:



Technical properties





Solution Dyed:



130 gr / m2 polyester





Free RWSP:


Click-close strap(s):




Double stitched seams:


Tape finished seams:




Storage bag:




"Overtræk til havebænk 170 x 100 H: 60" egnet til

"Overtræk til havebænk 170 x 100 H: 60" egnet til

This cover is suitable for:

  • garden table 170 x 100 cm
  • lounge bench 170 x 100 cm

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Overtræk til havebænk 170 x 100 H: 60

Overtræk til havebænk 170 x 100 H: 60

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