Produktinformation "Haveovertræktil høj L formet loungesofa 310 x 255 x 95 H: 100/65 cm"

Produktinformation "Haveovertræktil høj L formet loungesofa 310 x 255 x 95 H: 100/65 cm"

This cover is designed for a corner model lounge sofa with a high back. This model is also called a lounge-dining sofa. These lounge sofas have a slightly higher seat that is also shallower. Furthermore, the back is straighter than that of the low lounge sofas. These models are often combined with a higher table for dining. Most lounge-dining sets also have an adjustable backrest, which contains a gas spring. A gas spring can take a beating in winter, so this high-quality protective cover is highly recommended. This cover fits over most models with an extra element on one side. With this high-quality garden furniture cover, your set stays clean and you no longer have to store your cushions inside or in the shed every evening after use. This prevents your entire living room from being cluttered with cushions. 

The cover is made of taupe-coloured Solution Dyed Oxford polyester and has a water-repellent PU coating. The air vents in the sides of this cover ensure that this cover breathes and any condensation forming on the inside of the cover is exhaled. Furthermore, the protective cover is equipped with a drawstring that allows you to get the cover tight around your garden furniture. The click and close system allows you to fasten the cover to your furniture so that it is firmly attached to your furniture during inclement weather. 

Raffles Covers' corner sofa covers are frost-resistant. The free water shedding cushions (2 pieces) that come with this cover are inflatable cushions, which prevent water from staying on the cover and thus act as a water drain. For this, you only need to inflate these cushions to the desired size and place them under your cover. The cover also comes with a handy storage bag. When choosing the right cover, make sure you leave 5 centimetres of space in the length or width.

All protective covers in the RDLHS series share the same features: 

  • The fabric is made of sturdy, robust material.
  • As the cover is made of 230 g/m² fabric, it does not flap.
  • 600D Oxford Polyester
  • For optimal air circulation, the cover features ventilation slots 
  • The Raffles Covers material is breathable
  • The inside is PU-coated 
  • Condensation is reduced
  • Air circulation is improved
  • Mould and mildew are prevented
  • Water-repellent
  • Raffles Cover material is waterproof
  • The seams are double stitched
  • The seams are taped with PVC tape
  • The seams are splash-proof
  • Handles for easy handling
  • Cover storage bag included
  • Cord with stopper to stretch the cover tightly over the sofa
  • Fitted with click-close straps, prevents it from flying away
  • Material with high colour-fastness, solution-dyed 
  • UV-resistant
  • Frost-resistant, hardy
  • Protects your sofa and extends its lifespan
  • Keeps your sofa clean and dry

Produkt Specifikationer "Haveovertræktil høj L formet loungesofa 310 x 255 x 95 H: 100/65 cm"

Produkt Specifikationer "Haveovertræktil høj L formet loungesofa 310 x 255 x 95 H: 100/65 cm"






Raffles Covers




Corner sofa cover dining


2 x water shedding cushions RWSC


310 x 255 x 95 H: 100/65 cm


95 cm

Slack needed:

Yes, 5 cm in width or length




600D Solution Dyed Oxford polyester with PU coating


1 year


Score 5 out of 5

Our rating:



Technical properties





Solution Dyed:



230 gr / m2 polyester





Free RWSC: 2


Click-close strap(s):




Dubble stitched seams:


Tape finished seams:




Storage bag:


"Haveovertræktil høj L formet loungesofa 310 x 255 x 95 H: 100/65 cm" egnet til

"Haveovertræktil høj L formet loungesofa 310 x 255 x 95 H: 100/65 cm" egnet til

Please note, the RDLHS310255 runs small. Always take five centimetres of slack in the length or width. This cover will suit an asymmetrical dining corner sofa of:
305 x 255 x 95 cm
310 x 250 x 95 cm
310 x 255 x 90 cm

This cover is for an asymmetrical dining corner sofa. There are two different sides, one is longer than the other. Therefore, always measure your sofa carefully. There are two versions, the RDLHS310255left and the RDLHS310255right. You can easily check which one you need by sitting in the corner of the sofa. You will need the RDLHS310255left if the long side on your left hand is. You will need the RDLHS310255right (this one) if the long side on your right hand is. 


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