Produktinformation "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"

Produktinformation "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"

Lost or broken the stick, pole or bar of your parasol? You can order these new again at Gardefurniturecovershop.

This parasol cover stick is made of fiberglass. This is a synthetic material made of fibres. This material is used in most parasol cover sticks. 
The total length of the stick is 280 cm. It is a 5-part stick, by removing parts the stick can easily be shortened to 225, 170 and 115 cm. If necessary, it is also possible to shorten the stick more precisely with a hacksaw. Beware of splinters due to the fibreglass material.
The stick is 8 mm thick, the caps on the ends are 10 mm thick. 

How to adjust the stick:

How to customize the stick:
1) Remove the cap at the end of the stick
2) You will now see elastic with a knot
3) Loosen the elastic band
4) Remove 1 or more parts
5) Tension the elastic again
6) Make a new knot in the elastic
7) Cut away the excess elastic
8) Put the cap back on the end of the stick
9) The stick is ready for use again.

Produkt Specifikationer "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"

Produkt Specifikationer "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"






Raffles Covers




280 x 1 cm

"Oppustelig vandafløbspude" egnet til

"Oppustelig vandafløbspude" egnet til

This fibreglass stick has a thickness of 10 mm at the ends.
Check whether a 10 mm object will fit into the shaft of your parasol. For example, a 10 mm drill.

For very large parasol covers, the RSTICK-ALU-5-280 might be a better choice.
This is an aluminium stick that is a bit stiffer and firmer than the fibreglass stick. The fibreglass stick bends more.

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Oppustelig vandafløbspude

Oppustelig vandafløbspude

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