Produktinformation "Parasolovertræk med løftestang H: 265 cm"

Produktinformation "Parasolovertræk med løftestang H: 265 cm"

Parasol cover with pole from Raffles Covers is suitable for floating parasols with a straight pole and a diameter of 350 cm or for a regular upright wood pole or aluminum parasols with a maximum diameter of 450 cm. For more detailed information see "suitable for". This parasol cover is equipped with many conveniences. For example, you can easily set it up and take it down with the included set-up stick. This stick is made of aluminum instead of the commonly used fiberglass which is much weaker and cheaper.  The aluminum stick fits exactly in the hem of the parasol cover, so you can easily get the cover from the ground over the top of the parasol without having to stand on stairs or a chair. About 15 cm from the bottom is a black loop between the zipper and the hem. Just below this is the entrance for the pole. Because the zipper on parasol covers is often the cause of complaints, Raffles Covers has chosen to use an extra heavy duty zipper that always opens and closes smoothly, even with permanent outdoor use.

The exact measurements of the cover are: length 265 cm, width 40 cm at the top and 65 cm at the bottom (circumference 130 cm, Ø 41 cm). This cover is just a bit longer than other covers for floating parasols, thus protecting the turning mechanism of the parasol against moisture and rain. Because this cover is a bit wider than the standard covers, there will be less tension on the zipper. This prevents wear and tear. Furthermore, the cover is made of Solution Dyed Oxford Polyester and the inside has a water-repellent PU coating. Equipped with double-stitched seams, sealed with PVC tape. The color of the cover is taupe and fits nicely with any garden. Furthermore, the cover will retain its color by the high quality through and through colored Oxford Polyester. The cover is also UV- and frost-resistant and will therefore protect your parasol against external influences during both the summer and winter months.

The advantages of a Raffles cover are:

  • Strong robust material
  • 230 grams cloth
  • 600D Oxford polyester
  • PU coating on the inside 
  • Breathable material
  • Reduces condensation
  • Prevents mold and mildew
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Water repellent
  • Raffles Cover material is 100% waterproof
  • Double stitched seams
  • Seams are taped with PVC tape
  • The seams are watertight
  • High color fastness thanks to Solution Dyed material
  • UV-resistant
  • Frost proof, winter proof
  • Extends the life span of your parasol
  • Keeps your parasol clean and dry
  • Integrated stick for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Heavy duty zipper

Produkt Specifikationer "Parasolovertræk med løftestang H: 265 cm"

Produkt Specifikationer "Parasolovertræk med løftestang H: 265 cm"

Article number:





Raffles Covers




Cover for parasol




Height: 265 cm Width: 40/65 cm 



Slack needed:

Yes, make sure the cover is not too tight to avoid tension on the zipper




600D Solution Dyed Oxford polyester with PU coating


1 year


Score 5 out of 5

Our rating:



Technical properties





Solution Dyed:



230 gr / m2 polyester





Free RWSP:


Click-close strap(s):


Stick included:




Double stitched seams:


Tape finished seams:




Storage bag:


"Parasolovertræk med løftestang H: 265 cm" egnet til

"Parasolovertræk med løftestang H: 265 cm" egnet til

The exact measurements of the cover are: length 265 cm, width above 40 cm, width below 65 cm (circumference 130 cm, Ø 41 cm). Therefore it also protects the turning mechanism on the base of the parasol.

The parasol cover with aluminum pole is suitable for a straight floating parasol with a diameter of 350 cm or 300 x 300 cm rectangular.

Also suitable for a regular upright pole or aluminum parasol with a maximum diameter of 450 cm or a regular elongated parasol with the size of 400 x 300 cm.

Parasol cover RUS265 is suitable for:

  • Garden Impressions Hawaii 300 x 300
  • Garden Impressions Hawaii 350 round
  • 4SeasonsOutdoor Siesta 300 x 300
  • 4SO Siesta 350 cm round
  • Hartman Vision 300 x 300
  • Hartman Vision 350 cm round
  • Seglarö Ikea
  • Madison Capri 300 x 300
  • Madison Monaco Flex 300 x 300
  • Madison Monaco Open Air 300 x 300
  • Glatz Sombrano S+ Easy 300 x 300
  • Glatz Sombrano S+ 300 x 300
  • Umbrosa Spectra 300 x 300
  • Glatz Palazzo Noblesse 450 cm round
  • Glatz Palazzo Noblesse 500 cm round
  • Glatz Fortello 300 x 300
  • Glatz Fortello 300 x 400
  • Glatz Fortello 350 x 350
  • Buitenhof Palermo 350 x 300
  • Buitenhof Palermo 300 x 300
  • Buitenhof Palermo 250 x 250
  • Platinum Challenger 300 x 300
  • Platinum Challenger 400 x 300
  • Platinum Challenger 350 round
  • Platinum Falcon 250 x 250
  • Platinum Falcon 270 x 270
  • Platinum Falcon 300 x 200
  • Platinum Falcon 300 round
  • Platinum Malibu 350 cm rond
  • Platinum Malibu 300 x 300 cm
  • Platinum Solarflex 350 round
  • Borek Reflex 300 x 400 cm 2055
  • Borek Reflex 300 x 400 cm 2056
  • Borek Braga 450 cm round 2849
  • Borek Rodi 350 x 350 cm
  • Borek Madison 300 x 300 cm
  • Borek Houston 500 cm
  • Max & Luuk Vince alu 350 cm round M7145
  • Max & Luuk Vince alu 300x300 cm M7146
  • Max & Luuk Logan alu 300x300 cm M7162
  • Max & Luuk Lian alu 300x300 cm M7164
  • Cantilever parasol 350 cm round
  • Cantilever parasol 300 x 300 cm
  • Centre pole parasol 400 cm round
  • Centre pole parasol 450 cm round
  • Centre pole parasol 300 x 400 cm

RUS265 is a good (and cheaper) alternative for the following protective covers:

  • Glatz Protective Cover for Sombrano 35001221502
  • Glatz protective cover for Teakwood 35001609979
  • Glatz protective cover 35001609982
  • Solero protective cover Cielo 526.99.04
  • Solero protective cover Cielo 525.99.04
  • Solero protective cover Fratello 532.89.04
  • Solero protective cover Presto 533.70.04

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3. juni 2020 15.38

Perfecte en betaalbaar,

Zojuist de hoes ontvangen en uiteraard direct aangebracht. Past perfect om onze Glatz Sobrano 300x300 en ook nog eens betaalbaar.

Rechte parasol hoes 265 cm hoog

Parasolovertræk med løftestang H: 265 cm

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