Produkter fra NC Outdoor

NC Outdoor's range of shade cloths offers a solution for those looking for shade in the garden, on the patio or balcony. These cloths are made of HDPE Polyester, a material that offers protection from sunlight. The open structure of the cloth contributes to a light and airy feel, although it can remain outdoors throughout the period from March to September without significant loss of quality.

NC Outdoor's shade cloths come in a limited colour palette of sand, white and anthracite. Along with the canvases, the brand offers standard mounting kits, which allow for easy installation.

These products are available in a few basic sizes: a 3.6-metre triangle, a larger 5.0-metre triangle, and a 3.6-metre rectangle. This offers a degree of flexibility in use, depending on the size and shape of the outdoor space.

Although NC Outdoor shade cloths receive an overall rating of 7 out of 10, indicating reasonable quality and functionality, consumers looking for higher quality and more durable options may want to consider products from Nesling (Platinum Sun & Shade). 

Shade cloth NC Outdoor 3,6 x 3,6 m - sand


Varenummer: B501-04-36

Shade cloth NC Outdoor 3,6 x 3,6 m - white


Varenummer: B508-04-36

Shade cloth NC Outdoor 5,0m - anthracite


Varenummer: B506-03-50

Shade cloth NC Outdoor 5,0m - sand


Varenummer: B501-03-50

Shade cloth NC Outdoor 5,0m - white


Varenummer: B508-03-50

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