Produktinformation "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"

Produktinformation "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"

A bungee ball cord, often referred to as a bungee cord or elastic cord, is a flexible and stretchable cord. It is designed to provide elasticity and tension for various applications, such as garden furniture covers.

Position the Furniture Cover: First, place the garden furniture cover over the furniture you want to protect. Ensure that the cover is properly aligned and covers the furniture completely.

Identify Anchor Points: Identify the key areas on the cover where you can attach the bungee ball cords. These points should correspond to the furniture's shape and structure. Common anchor points include the legs or corners of tables and chairs.

Attach Bungee Ball Cords: For each selected anchor point, attach one end of a bungee ball cord to the cover. The easiest way is to attach the bungee ball cord to an eyelet. If your protective cover does not have eyelets, you can also buy cover clips, such as RClip6. To do this, simply thread the cord through the eyelet or RClip6 and secure it by looping the ball through the cord's own loop. 

Stretch and attach: Once you have all the bungee ball cords attached to their respective anchor points, attach the bungee ball cords to the garden furniture. This is often a leg of a table or a rung of a chair.

Double-Check: Walk around the furniture and cover to double-check that the cover is properly secured on all sides. Ensure that it's not sagging or flapping in the wind, and that it's protecting your furniture effectively.

Monitor and Adjust as Needed: Keep an eye on the cover during windy or stormy weather. If you notice any loosening or shifting, make necessary adjustments to the bungee ball cords to maintain a secure fit.

By using bungee ball cords to secure your garden furniture cover, you can help protect your outdoor furniture from the elements and ensure that the cover stays in place even in adverse weather conditions. This simple and effective solution can extend the life of your furniture and keep it clean and ready for use.

Produkt Specifikationer "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"

Produkt Specifikationer "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"

Article number:





Raffles Covers




Minimum 15 cm

Maximum 30 cm

"Oppustelig vandafløbspude" egnet til

"Oppustelig vandafløbspude" egnet til

When relaxed, the RBungee6 is 15 cm long and can be extended to a maximum of 30 cm.
If this is too short, we also have elastics with a hook:

  • RHook6S 35 / 55 cm
  • RHook6M 75 / 145 cm
  • RHook6L  115 / 225 cm

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Oppustelig vandafløbspude

Oppustelig vandafløbspude

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