Produktinformation "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"

Produktinformation "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"

Sometimes, it's necessary to secure a protective cover more firmly because the wind can get underneath it. A Bungee Hook, in combination with a Wind Secure Clip, can be used to securely hold a garden furniture cover in place and prevent it from blowing away in stormy conditions.

Here's how to use this combination (RHook6 and RClip6):

  • Determine the location: Place your garden furniture or lounge set under the cover, ensuring that the cover fully fits over the furniture.
  • Attach the bungee hooks: Attach one end of the bungee hook to an eyelet or loop at the bottom of the cover. Some covers have loops or eyelets for this purpose. If your cover lacks loops, you can install the RClip6 wind secure clip.
  • Secure the RClip6 clip: Place the clip on the cover and ensure it is securely fastened.
  • Attach the bungee hook to the clip: Attach the other end of the bungee hook to another clip. Ensure that the bungee hook is securely fastened.
  • Repeat if necessary: Depending on the size of your garden furniture and the length of the cover, you may need multiple bungee hooks and RClip6 clips to keep the cover in place. Repeat the steps to create additional attachment points and secure the cover.
  • The bungee hooks provide tension, keeping the cover taut over the outdoor furniture, while the Wind Secure Clips prevent the cover from being blown away by the wind. This combination helps protect your garden furniture from the elements and prevents the cover from being displaced. Make sure everything is securely fastened before leaving your furniture unattended, especially in stormy weather.


Tips from the Garden Furniture Covers Shop:

  1. Ensure the cover fits snugly over your furniture. If there's too much space, wind can get underneath and lift the cover.
  2. Try to position your garden furniture somewhat sheltered from the wind. This can reduce the amount of wind that gets under the cover.
  3. Place the backrests of your patio furniture, chairs, or benches together so that water can easily drain away.
  4. An RWSC also ensures proper drainage at all times.

Produkt Specifikationer "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"

Produkt Specifikationer "Oppustelig vandafløbspude"

Article number:





Raffles Covers




Minimum 115 cm

Maximum 225 cm

"Oppustelig vandafløbspude" egnet til

"Oppustelig vandafløbspude" egnet til

When relaxed, the RHook6L is 115 cm long and can be extended to a maximum of 225 cm.

If this is too short or is too long, we also have:

  • RHook6S 35 / 55 cm
  • RHook6M 75 / 145 cm


The advantage of the RHook is that the hooks are made of plastic and not iron.
Hooks made of iron can easily damage the protective cover and pull holes in it.
Especially if the hook suddenly comes loose.

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Oppustelig vandafløbspude

Oppustelig vandafløbspude

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