Why should you use a parasol cover?

The sight of the first parasols in gardens often makes us jump for joy. A sign that a nice long summer is coming. The parasol is the ultimate symbol of outdoor living. Thousands of parasols are sold every spring. In itself pleasant for garden furniture retailers. But not entirely necessary, with a small investment you can use the same parasol for years in a row. Which you can take out clean, dry and neat under the parasol cover every year. The only rule of thumb is: A parasol belongs in dry and warm weather, a parasol cover belongs in cold and humid weather. So if you want to fully enjoy your parasol, a good parasol cover is a necessity. The largest collection of parasol covers can be found at Gardenfurniturecovershop.

The parasol stays cleaner

How do I keep my parasol clean? Leave your parasol folded shut for a few weeks and then unfold it again. You'll be amazed at how much dirt your parasol has accumulated. Rain streaks, green deposits, bird droppings: it all accumulates in the folds of the cloth. The solution is simple and obvious: put a protective cover over it and no more dirt will touch it.

This ensures that the parasol stays dry and therefore does not go mouldy. And once the parasol is put away because autumn is coming, the parasol cover will prevent dust from settling on it in the shed. All in all: a parasol cover offers a lot of advantages for your parasol!

The parasol remains better protected

How do I protect my parasol? A parasol is a relatively expensive item in your garden. With a relatively small investment, you can ensure that your parasol is better protected. A good parasol cover prolongs its lifespan, but also prevents discolouration of the cloth. Or what's even more annoying is uneven discolouration. If a parasol cloth is made of polyester that is not dyed through and through, it will eventually discolour. This can be compared to jeans that become lighter in colour over time. The outside of the thread is dyed, but the inside is white and will eventually come through. If you have your parasol permanently out, it will discolour fairly evenly. But if you close your parasol regularly, parts of the cloth will not come into contact with sunlight. These parts will then remain nice, but the other parts will become faded. Everyone has seen it before, a black parasol turning purple. Regular wrapping with a parasol cover prevents these problems. At Gardenfurniturecovershop, we have straight models of parasol covers, as well as curved parasol covers and covers for non-standard parasols.

The parasol lasts much longer

How can I extend the lifespan of my parasol? Additionally, a parasol cover can shield your parasol from adverse weather conditions, offering further protection. Even when your parasol is folded shut, strong winds can still cause considerable damage, particularly if the wind manages to get underneath it. In such cases, the parasol may unfold, rendering it vulnerable to damage and often resulting in it being discarded. To prevent this, we recommend covering your parasol with a protective cover at the first sign of wind. Prolonged exposure to strong winds from a particular direction can also lead to tears in the fabric, as the constant movement over hours and days weakens it. To address this issue, simply covering the parasol can offer a simple solution.

How to prevent your parasol from getting dirty quickly

Make sure you have a well-fitting parasol cover that protects your parasol from moisture and mould. If your parasol is wet for long periods of time, the chances of mould formation are very high. Moreover, weather can also get into the cloth. These are black dots see almost impossible to remove. By using a parasol cover, these problems are easily prevented. Tip, never put a protective cover over a damp or wet parasol.

How do I measure my umbrella?

If you have a round parasol, and you know the diameter, it's not that tricky. Just divide the diameter by 2 and you've named the length of the ribs. Add 15 cm for the top that sits on top of the parasol. Then you take an extra 20 cm so that the parasol cover falls comfortably over the parasol cloth, and you have the minimum size of your parasol cover.

Example: your parasol has a diameter of 300 cm

300/2 = 150cm + 15cm (for the top) + 20cm (extra at the bottom) = 185cm in total.

So for a parasol with a diameter of 300 cm, a parasol cover of 185 cm or longer is suitable.

If you don't know the diameter of your round parasol, measure the length of the ribs when closed. Add about 35 cm to this (15 cm for the top and 20 cm extra length) to protect the cloth.

You can also watch the video below for an instruction

To help you, below you will find an overview of our parasol covers and over which round parasol they fit.

Diameter parasol

Min. length cover

Advised parasol cover

200 cm

135 cm


250 cm

160 cm


300 cm

185 cm

RUS195 / RUS225

350 cm 

205 cm

RUS225 / RUS245

400 cm

235 cm


500 cm

280 cm

RUS280 / RUS310

600 cm

335 cm

RUS385 / RUS390

700 cm 

385 cm

RUS385 / RUS390

With a square or elongated parasol, this is a bit more difficult to calculate. The simplest way is to measure the length of the ribs and again take 15 cm extra for the top and 20 cm extra for the cloth.

Once you have the size of your parasol, the advice list below is easy.

Diameter parasol

Min. lengte hoes 

Geadviseerde parasolhoes

200 x 200 cm

160 cm


225 x 225 cm

195 cm


250 x 250 cm

215 cm


300 x 200 cm

215 cm


300 x 300 cm

245 cm

RUS245 / RUS265

350 x 350 cm

280 cm

RUS280 / RUS310

400 x 300 cm

280 cm

RUS280 / RUS310

400 x 400 cm 

310 cm


500 x 400 cm

355 cm

RUS385 / RUS390

500 x 500 cm

385 cm

RUS385 / RUS390

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