The sticks for parasol covers

In this blog, we provide more information about the sticks that come with umbrella covers, including details about the usage, materials, and how to replace them.

How to use the parasol sticks

Almost all parasol covers on Gardenfurniturecovershop come with a stick. The stick is integrated into the cover like a tent pole. It helps to easily hang the cover over the parasol. Large parasols like the RUS310, RUS385, and RUS390 even come with 2 sticks. The stick should be used as follows:

  • Assemble the stick like a tent pole
  • Locate the black tab in the hem of the cover, 5 centimetres below is the hole.
  • Slide the stick into the hole.
  • Let the stick drop into the lower part of the hole.
  • The cover is now ready for use.

Watch the video below for a demonstration.

Parasol stick materials

Not every brand uses the same sticks or poles. Sticks are made from various materials. Below are the most common ones:

  • Most sticks included with the umbrella covers are made of fibreglass material. This is a plastic composed of fibres.
  • The downside of fibreglass sticks is their flexibility.
  • Fibreglass sticks are black.
  • The large umbrella covers from Raffles Covers come with an aluminium stick.
  • The advantage of the aluminium stick is that it's stiffer and stronger than fibreglass sticks.
  • The aluminium sticks from Raffles Covers are orange.

My stick is lost or broken

The pole or stick may sometimes get lost or damaged. In such cases, you can order a replacement. The RSTICK-5-280 is the aluminium stick available for purchase. The total length of the pole is 280 cm, 11 mm thick, and consists of 5 parts. The RSTICK-FIBER-280 is the fibreglass stick available for purchase. The total length of the pole is 280 cm, 10 mm thick, and consists of 5 parts. Both sticks can be easily shortened:

  • Remove 1 aluminium part for a pole of 225 cm.
  • Remove 2 aluminium parts for a pole of 170 cm.
  • Remove 3 aluminium parts for a pole of 115 cm.

Trimming the stick

Since the aluminium pole consists of 5 parts, it can be easily and precisely trimmed to the desired length using a hacksaw. Trimming the fibreglass stick is also possible, but be cautious of splinters that may occur.

Below are clear images of the different sticks. To shorten the stick, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the cap from the end of the stick.
  2.  You will now see an elastic band; loosen this band.
  3. Remove one or more sections of the stick.
  4. Optional: Trim one or more sections using a hacksaw.
  5. Tension the elastic band again.
  6. Tie the elastic band securely (for aluminium sticks, tie it to the silver cap).
  7. Trim any excess elastic band.
  8. Replace the cap at the end of the stick.
  9. The stick is now ready for use.
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