How will my parasol last as long as possible? Maintenance tips

These days, it is impossible to imagine your garden, balcony or terrace without an umbrella. With the increasingly hot summers, it is great to have a rest in the shade under a parasol. However, buying a good parasol is not cheap, and it is therefore important that it lasts a long time. In this article, you will read how to extend the lifespan of your parasol and how to enjoy it for longer, for example with a parasol cover. At Gardenfurniturecovershop, we have straight parasol covers, as well as floating parasol covers and covers for non-standard parasols.

Moist and weather spots

What exactly are moist and weather spots, and how do they occur?

Weather spots are actually nothing more than mould settling into the wood or fabric. It occurs in parasols when they are in contact with moisture for a longer period of time. You can recognise weather spots by the small black dots or spots on the cloth.

How to prevent moist and weather spots in your parasol.

Moist and weather spots cannot be completely prevented, but they can be countered. For example, by using a parasol cover you can reduce the parasol's exposure to rainwater, this will prevent mould from spreading to other areas on your parasol.

How to get weather spots out of your parasol

Fortunately, moisture and weather spots are easy to clean. Despite looking stubborn, these black stains are easy to remove if you catch them in time.

We recommend brushing the fabric clean with a soft brush and green soap. Wet the cloth well and then lubricate it with soft soap and then gently brush off the weather spots. Finally, it is important to rinse well with a garden hose, so no soap residue remains on the parasol.

Parasol cleaning

Besides moisture and weather spots, other dirt can naturally settle on your parasol. Think for example of bird droppings or algae. Therefore, always fold your parasol when you're not using it. By covering your parasol with a parasol cover, dirt will settle on the cover and not on the parasol itself.

If the parasol is still dirty, clean it in the same way as mentioned above. Use soft soap and a soft brush to gently brush off the dirt and rinse well with water.

Wet parasol

A little rain will not harm your parasol. Therefore, there is no problem with leaving it outside with a bit of rain. But be careful with folding your parasol. The parasol should not be wet then. By folding the parasol wet, you give mould the chance to spread quickly. Make sure the parasol is dry before you store it or cover it with a parasol cover from Raffles Covers, for example.

Accessories for parasol

Some accessories can’t be missed when buying a new parasol. When choosing a new parasol, always make sure to select a proper base. It's also important to purchase an appropriate parasol cover. At Gardenfurniturecovershop, we have a suitable cover for every parasol. We have protection covers for small parasols, the RUS135, and for larger parasols, the RUS390. Of course, it is also possible to have a curved model parasol.

Always carefully measure the height and width of the parasol before purchasing a new cover.

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