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Hvilket overtræk? has the largest online collection of garden furniture covers and protective covers.

We currently offer more than 800 different models of garden furniture covers. To help you find the right cover for your garden furniture, we have listed all the relevant information on this page. There are many protection covers on the market that make great promises and have the most beautiful infographics and animated films. But take it from us, a cover doesn't offer more protection than a shed. That is why we have made a selection of covers that we recommend:

(Click the brands for more information)






In addition to these covers recommended by us, we also offer covers of lesser quality. If you are looking for a cover for a short period of time, or for under a porch or shelter, the following cover brands could be an option:






For other questions about water resistance, we refer you to our FAQ page.


In the table below, we have listed all brands, so that you can easily see the differences between them.


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